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About Us

The Medical Letter - Trusted Drug Information
& Drug Facts Since 1959
The Medical Letter, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that publishes critical appraisals of new prescription drugs and comparative reviews of previously approved drugs in its newsletters: The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics and Treatment Guidelines from The Medical Letter. Our publications are intended specifically to meet the needs of busy healthcare professionals who want unbiased, reliable and timely drug information.

The editorial process used for both publications relies on a consensus of experts to evaluate the drug facts in order to help prescribers choose the most effective drug treatment. The Medical Letter and Treatment Guidelines are crucial resources for objective drug information and are completely independent of pharmaceutical industry influence.

We are committed to providing accurate drug information, including drug effectiveness, adverse effects and drug interactions. This commitment to unbiased drug information ensures that subscribers can rely on our content to make the best decisions for their patients – without the influence of the pharmaceutical companies or any other commercial entity.